Armani Emporio Sportswear EA7

100% Armani

Since the beginning of Armani´s start in 1975, Georgio Armani has become one of the most influencial men in modern fashion.

With his many different collections the EA7 range has established a distinctive identity within the world of sport, always adopting new technical developments to improve performance. Established in 2006 the number “7” in the name refers to Mr. Armani´s lucky number.

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Armani describes their latest sporty collection called EA7 like this: Sport as self-discovery, discipline, emotion. Emporio Armani as elegance, charm, beauty.

From the meeting of these two extremes there emerges the paradoxical compromise of a collection without compromises, one that unites style and elegance with sport, comfort and performance with charm: EA7.

Technical and forceful, iconic and colourful. Total sport, one hundred per cent Armani.

This new collection offers ergonomic garments with breathable, absorbent and water repellent qualities, in a choice of natural fibres and technical fabrics. It delivers precision in terms of shape, and sophistication where colour is concerned.

The palette includes shades ranging from “ice” and “silver pearl grey” to more active “vitamin” and “prune”, all of which are quintessentially Armani and typical of the house style.

Check out the lastest Armini Sport EA7 collection
Armani Sports EA7 Jacket